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I’ve been experimenting with Google+ (find and add me here) for a few days now and we started adding support for the +1 button as of today.

Although there is no way to post Mobys to +1 yet (they didn’t release any APIs yet) this is a first to step towards integration.

You find the +1-buttons in the footer (please +1 us if you like us), the group pages, the Moby Friend Finder and of course all the item pages.

FB vs Google+
I think that Facebook does a better job, showing ‘likes’ than Google shows ‘+1′. Google only shows these in the ‘+1 tab’, not the main posts stream.

What I do like is that Google lets us know about the fact someone clicked the ‘+1′-button. This means we can use the activity in our trending and context features. Facebook doesn’t provide us with an option like that yet.

Integrating Picasa
Yesterday I asked my public circle if we should add Picasa as a posting destination, but we don’t really like the way Google has integrated postings to Picasa in the streams. It does show the content in the photos tab, but that doesn’t really add to the real-time sharing experience Mobypicture is all about. We hope the full API comes out soon!

There’s also an interesting discussion on Washington Post about the dangers Google may carry for photographers.

Looking forward to the upcoming year of social sharing! Exciting times ahead.
Oh, and check out Social Statistics to find the top 100 Google+ followed peeps and track your own following.

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