500+ developers using the Mobypicture APIs

credits: Rob Cottingham

I love APIs! It is like playing with Lego.

That’s why I’m also really proud that last friday, we celebrated the 500th API developer on Mobypicture.

The developers who use our APIs benefit from our distribution possibilities.
Instead of implementing the APIs of all the social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc., developers can simply implement our API and make their app social.

We see our API as the central element in Moby. We want to facilitate our users in sharing their adventures and we want to makei t as simple as possible. The API helps substantially because developers can embed the Moby sharing possibilities in convenient great apps.

Last week we also posted about the Mobypicture implementation in Tweetdeck and a small walkthrough.

What can you do with our API?

  • postMedia For distributing media through Mobypicture
  • postMediaUrl For distributing media and getting the Mobypicture tinyurl of the post
  • getThumb For embedding thumbnails in your HTML
  • getThumbUrl For fetching the thumbnail URL of a Mobypicture tinyurl
  • getMediaInfo For requesting information about a posting
  • checkCredentials For checking if specified credentials are valid.
  • postComment Adds a comment to a posting.
  • getComments Retrieves all comments for a posting.
  • searchPosts Searches for postings.
  • createUser Creates a Mobypicture user
  • getUser Get a Mobypicture user’s details
  • getFriends Get the Mobypicture user’s friends
  • addFriend Add a friend to a Mobypicture user
  • oEmbed oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites.

I will soon blog about the new Moby API (don’t worry the old one will be backwards compatible) and a really interesting addition to it, which will take the sharing possibilities to an entire new level. Coming up!

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