Mobypicture in Cannes

This week we will be presenting MobyNow to the Creative Industry.

Together with Tribal/DDB we’ve launched

This platform aggregates all the social media around the Cannes Lions.

We’ve developed some new features and are now capable of filtering certain elements from the shared contextual postings and can present that in different way.

We for instance extract all the YouTube links from the shared social media and have built a Cannes Lions social video feed from this. This shows the in realtime shared videos on YouTube.

Another new feature are the blog streams. We filter the Cannes related blogposts from a big list of advertising blogs, making the content even more specific.

You can of course help feed the Admen. Just sign up for the platform, configure your Twitter client to use Mobypicture and Shoot ‘n Share!

If you want me to present the possibilities for your campaigns or corporate communications/events, just send me a line and we’ll schedule a quick meeting sur la plage!

posting credits: Jeremy jordan

The Next Web Conference 2011

MobyNow helps The Next Web Conference to gain control of the online conversation around the conference. Our real-time technology platform aggregates all #tnw updates from social sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere, but most importantly it funnels the traffic from shared postings to the The Next Web platform.

How can you be a part of this:
All you will need to do is just use Mobypicture for posting your adventures. You can use Mobypicture from most Twitter apps, many photo apps, sites and services. Check our Help section for setup and usage tips!

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Moby at SXSW

We’re very jealous of everybody attending the great SXSW festival these upcoming days in Austin, Texas.

Looks like there will be some cool startups and new initiatives launching this year. Moby will also be there, but virtually!

We launched a MobyNow platform for everybody who can’t be there. It aggregates all social media updates, features trending topics and blogposts of the media covering the event and lets users join in on the conversation simply by using hooking up their own social media accounts directly from the shoutbox.

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Fashion Week – right here, right NOW

We just relaunched our MobyNow platform for the international Fashion Weeks!

This platform aggregates practically all social media updates (tweets, facebook status updates, blogposts etc.) of the upcoming fashion weeks, this started with the Amsterdam edition.

Now it’s time for New York Fashion Week (#NYFW), followed by London (#LFW). It facilitates the online conversation and lets you follow influential front row bloggers, models, designers and VIPs from all over the world.

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Make your site social:

One month ago we launched the new website for @IlseDeLange!
This website is 100% built on the MobyNow technology.

Ilse herself, potentially all the band members, crew and of course the fans can share their Ilse experiences on the website, by just posting to their social networks.
All Tweets, Mobys, YouTube videos and blogposts are aggregated by the platform and postings shared through Mobypicture also directs the social media traffic to her site.

How does that work?
We defined these contextual drivers to decide whether or not a posting should end up on
– ALL shared updates posted by Ilse and her band
– the postings by anyone containing #ilsedelange or @ilsedelange
– geofenced content around scheduled gigs and concerts

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Fireworks and rainbows

About a year ago there was a rainbow in Tokyo. That was the first time I realized how many users we had in Japan.
People were taking pictures of the rainbow from every angle from within the city, posting them and sharing them with their friends.

The postings all together told the story even better.

Today there is a big fireworks display in Tokyo, showing how we grew over the year, based on the number of postings from the festivities.

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