Easy Moby postings with iOS5

With the new Operating System for iPhone and iPad, launching today it will be really easy to post your pictures to the Twitter picture service, right from your photo library.

This was already really simple for posting to Mobypicture straight from the library, but we’re refreshing your memory with a small how-to:

Step 1: Take a picture with your iPhone

You know how to do that right?

Step 2: select the picture in the library

Step 3: Click the share button


Step 4: Email Photo

Step 5: Now select Moby from your address book (how to get Moby in your address book?)

And of course we post your photos, but ALSO video or audio snippets of your life to your friends on all your social networks, not just to Twitter.

More tips:

1. Add Moby to your address book first: username.pin@mobypicture.com  (example mobycrew.1234@mobypicture.com)

(Don’t know your Moby pin anymore? Login with your Twitter credentials and go to your account www.mobypicture.com/account)

2. Email Subject: this will be your tweet

3. Email Body: this will be the description

4. you can use mentions and hashtags in either your title or subject to connect these in your Mobys

5. if you allowed your geo location to be stored in your photos, Moby will also display this with your postings.

Twitter app for iPhone iOS5 update

If you’re using the official Twitter for iPhone app and updated it for iOS5 Twitter automatically sets your photo sharing service to the new Twitter picture service. This means of course that your photos won’t be posted to your other services anymore. You can easily change the setting back to Mobypicture in your setting. Mark de Kock blogged about this and shared a small how to change your setting schematic with us. Check the steps below:


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