Hyves and the numbers

So there is some commotion is the dutch media about the numbers Hyves has published.

The 275 million pageviews on August 23rd are supposedly pretty high according to some criticasters.
With the 10.3 million users Hyves claims to have it would mean that around 26 pages were viewed per individual user. That is if everybody logged in that day and started browsing of course.

Because the record Hyves published was based on holiday pictures and out of curiosity I dived into the Moby database to check how much views our content gets.

I took a sample of yesterdays (actually a kinda below average slow Moby monday) random 500 consecutive postings and started calculating.

The postings were viewed between 5 and 4270. (Moby counts unique visitors for views, so no reloads or refreshes after comments etc.)

least viewed – http://moby.to/o1avpd

most viewed – http://moby.to/yv7wdu

The average views within 24 hours for the postings was 66.7.

This number doesn’t take into account that once you are on the Moby posting view page 43% (based on a small check in google analytics) clicks on the previous posting of that user, and 25% clicks on the posting before that.

Mobypicture is a totally different site of course then Hyves.
On Hyves people upload the holiday pictures all at once, where on Moby people share their adventures instantly. I therefor also expect that people viewed even more pictures when on Hyves, especially because Hyves also arranged a couple of mailings around the holiday picture posting activity.

So the record day Hyves published about seems pretty reasonable.
The 2,15 million new holiday pictures would generate a lot of extra traffic, the mailings as well.

The scenarios:

If it was half the traffic a posting on Moby generates, this would mean 70 million page views.
If it was the same traffic 140 million page views.

Two important questions are:
1. How many uploads are there on an average day?
2. What is a pageview on Hyves? (if you look at pictures, the ads stay the same, AJAX refreshes the picture and titles field)

Any ways:

Congrats Hyves!
I think a better integration with Mobypicture will increase the page views even further :)
Pictures say more than a thousand words.

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