Launching the first MobyNow Real-Time Web platform

Today -April 12th- we released our first Real-Time MobyNow platform, called ‘Rabo Sport Now’.

What is MobyNow?

MobyNow is about real-time content around socially engaged groups (music, sports, tv formats, radio, events, niches, brands, people).

We aggregate all types of social media on one dedicated platform, facilitating users (stars, performers, fans, press, organization etc.) to interact, share and discover the adventures instantly.

Basically how does it work?

First of all we aggregate all social media for ALL the cyclists of the RaboTeam. This is nice, because otherwise you have to visit all the different social sites to see what’s going on…
We show videos, pictures and previews inline. We show the content on the map. Users can interact on the platform.

But there’s more
Because Mobypicture is part of the distribution of your adventures we can control the redirection of the url. And this is where the magic is.
Over thirty professional Rabo cyclists are posting their photo, video and audio advetureson Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, their blogs and other social platforms. Because they are using Mobypicture to post the content on the sites where their friends, family and fans can see what they are up to, we can direct those people to the new RaboSport MobyNow platform.

Try it below!

Go to the tweet (click the image and then the Moby link!:

The Moby link doesn’t direct the user to the normal Mobypicture page anymore, but directly to the contextual platform. Here other related content is linked and the platform itself also adds more context. It’s a win-win situation. Of course the content, comments, views etc. is also updated on your normal Moby account!

Browse the first live real-time platform!

Are you interested in our service for your magazine, tv format, band, sports team, event, blog, website etc. contact us!

30 thoughts on “Launching the first MobyNow Real-Time Web platform

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  4. Dear Mathys,

    Is it a software license or an open source platform?
    Could you please contact me about the possibility’s of this platform? If there is any pricing or subscription involved, please let me know asap.

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  7. Hallo,

    zou ik als particulier zelf een MobyNow kunnen aanmaken? Zijn hier eventueel nog kosten aan verbonden?



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  9. hoi – aardig idee, maar wel vreemd dat alles van mijn Moby-account nu op RaboSport terecht komt. Met #wkbaan klopt de context en wanneer ik een renner zou zijn misschien ook, maar op deze manier niet, b.v.: In feite is mijn Moby account nu door RaboSport gekaapt, want ik vind het wel OK wanneer ik zelf #wkbaan meestuur, maar in andere gevallen wil ik gewoon Moby gebruiken. Dus hoe kom ik er weer vanaf?

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  13. Dit zou een perfecte tool zijn om een supporterssite te voorzien. Zou graag meer info krijgen over de mogelijkheden.

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