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One month ago we launched the new website for @IlseDeLange!
This website is 100% built on the MobyNow technology.

Ilse herself, potentially all the band members, crew and of course the fans can share their Ilse experiences on the website, by just posting to their social networks.
All Tweets, Mobys, YouTube videos and blogposts are aggregated by the platform and postings shared through Mobypicture also directs the social media traffic to her site.

How does that work?
We defined these contextual drivers to decide whether or not a posting should end up on
– ALL shared updates posted by Ilse and her band
– the postings by anyone containing #ilsedelange or @ilsedelange
– geofenced content around scheduled gigs and concerts

Whenever a posting fits one or more of these variables, we decide (opt in) to direct the traffic of the link to instead of to the user profile page on Mobypicture.

pic above: a fan shares a posting tagged with #ilsedelange or geofenced from a concert location

Moby posts the link to all the different social sites (see Twitter example above)

The people that click the link end up on, not on the fans normal Mobypicture profile page.

See the whole flow in the diagram above.

Reclaim the conversation
MobyNow lets publishers take control of the social media conversation. Besides real-time aggregation of the different social networking activity, the platform also facilitates the conversation enabling users to post directly from the platform to their Twitter, Moby and Facebook profiles.
In the upcoming release of Mobypicture, due within a month even more seamless integration is provided.

What does this mean for someone like Ilse?
1. She engages her fans to drive traffic to her website.
2. Her website is integrated seamless with all her social media activity, making is a central place for her communication.
3. Her site always contains the latest content and news.
4. She can use the social media possibilities as a content management system (if she wants to add a new video, she can just upload it to her YouTube channel and the video ends up on the site)
5. She can use her preferred applications (mobile or web) to stay in touch with her fans on her own site.

What does this mean for the fans?
1. Fans can be part of Ilse DeLange her adventure, staying in close contact to their idol.
2. When her fans and she share their adventures her content is enriched with her own music, videos, concert agenda and more instead of irrelevant ads placed there by the social networking site or picture sharing service.
3. The adventures the fans share have a wider reach. Fans instantly share their photos and videos with their friends on their social networks AND other Ilse DeLange fans.
4. All individually shared postings about Ilse are aggregated on the fan-user page, documenting this for them.
5. It helps fans find other fans, content and interact.

First month
The new website for Ilse was launched exactly a month ago.
We aggregated more then 5200 updates of which over 200 Moby postings posted by her fans.  The traffic generated by the postings of her fans already exceed 30%.
This month the traffic was four times better than the best traffic month in the last two years and on average even eight times better.

We didn’t actively engage the fanbase yet (just the fans who explored the new site posted some stuff)
We didn’t add all the band members yet.
We didn’t activate the shoutbox for the platform yet.
We didn’t seek any publicity around the platform yet.

This solution really empowers publishers and lets them take back some of the control around brands and socially engaging topics.
Last month we also launched platforms for Intel (, for Radio 538 (, or Burning Man ( and one for Oxfam (

If you want to explore the possibilities of @MobyNow for your band, brand, political party, sports team, event, community, tv show, movie project or any other socially engaging topic, contact us. (@mathys or via Mobypicture)

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  1. Great stuff! Impressive, and definitely THE way to connect an artist/band, fans and the social web in one place.

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