Message to Nick Jonas

Dear Nick,

We really like you here at Mobypicture HQ. But your website is very outdated with the not working LaLa and Myspace elements.
That’s why we developed a MobyNow platform for you and your fans.

This means that from now on, all the traffic your Mobypicture postings generate when you post to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will end up on your own website instead of on

To see how this works: Click on the “”-link in your latest tweet!

Here of course you have full control on all the other content and communication. But there’s more!


If your fans post pictures using Mobypicture during your concerts or public appearances and use your name or the hashtag #nickjonas, @nickjonas or “Nick Jonas”, their traffic can also be directed to their fan account on your website! Here of course you can engage with them, promoting your concerts and music. Check all the fan streams that are already there!

Right now we sort of used your design to make this consistent with your website and we used a mobynow subdomain. We can of course alter this for you, add features and content streams. MobyNow can also aggregate other social media sites like YouTube, Foursquare and Songkick, so let us know what you would like to add and we’ll put it up on the platform.

MobyNow is used by some artists in The Netherlands already, take a look at the website of Ilse DeLange, but also by events like the Burning Man festival, sports, movies and cultural sites.

So far we’ve integrated:

  • your Mobypicture postings
  • your Tweets
  • your YouTube channel
  • your Facebook like button
  • your Soundcloud
  • the tweets of fans and your band members

Of course we can add more sources and change stuff if you’d like! (we used your old website design for now, but can change that easily)
We can also get you and your crew up to speed on how to get the most out of the new platform.

Keep up the vibe, Shoot n Share,

Mathys van Abbe
Founder Mobypicture


3 thoughts on “Message to Nick Jonas

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