Moby visits the west coast

Mobypicture is growing like China and MobyNow is attracting a lot of attention and interest from around the globe.
So it is time to spread our wings a little bit.

That’s why we’ll go on a little road trip.

I arrive in Vancouver on the 22nd and need a couch to surf that night!
The 23rd and 24th I’m fully available for meet/tweetups in the city.

Moby posting by Paul Newell

From the 25nd until the 28th of May we’ll be at the Vancouver Interactive Digital Week 2010. But there are plenty opportunities to meet there, or around there as well. Maybe I have a speaking gig at the convention, if so it will be about The Real-Time Web and MobyNow.

After that we will drive down from Vancouver to San Francisco. Where we will have short stops in Seattle and maybe some other places, who knows.

Moby posting by Arnold Waltstein

My primary mission:
1. meet third party services which can/should integrate our APIs. (like Tweetdeck, Twittelator, Seesmic, Adobe etc.)
2. visit Twitter HQ to tighten the relationship
3. drop by Facebook and Apple
4. meet sports, tv, movie related marketing firms (specialized in social media) to explain them the possibilities of MobyNow
(see and
5. meet some mainstream and tech bloggers/media/press for both Moby and MobyNow
6. maybe talk to some investors

Who do you think we should meet?

2 thoughts on “Moby visits the west coast

  1. You should meet with twitter, specially their department in charge of the apps. Their twitter for android app is awesome, and so is moby, but it doesn’t work out together, twitpic and yfrog are supported with integrated support with nice previews. Moby should be integrated to…

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