Mobypicture launched a unique Mobynow platform especially for TNW, Read all about it at our blog or the TNW one.


When you use #TNW2011 in your Moby postings, Tweets and FB status updates, your messages will be published directly on this platform. This year, you will be a publisher, too.
But there is more: (drum roll)

Launching MobyBooks: A personalized TNW 2011 magazine
  • Mobypicture and Peecho have decided to team up. Now, anyone with a Moby account can receive a fully personalized TNW 2011 magazine. This magazine will be a combination of professional and curated content, most popular posts on the the platform and of course your own most popular Moby posts about The Next Web Conference.
  • It gets better. The magazine will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • And uhm, it gets even better than that. The first 100 subscribers will receive their magazine for free.


How can you get this FREE magazine?
All you will need to do is just signup on the Now platform, leave your address at registration and of course Shoot ‘n Share using Mobypicture for posting your adventures.
You can use Mobypicture from most Twitter apps, many photo apps, sites and services. Check our Help section for setup and usage tips!

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