Mobypicture in Cannes

This week we will be presenting MobyNow to the Creative Industry.

Together with Tribal/DDB we’ve launched

This platform aggregates all the social media around the Cannes Lions.

We’ve developed some new features and are now capable of filtering certain elements from the shared contextual postings and can present that in different way.

We for instance extract all the YouTube links from the shared social media and have built a Cannes Lions social video feed from this. This shows the in realtime shared videos on YouTube.

Another new feature are the blog streams. We filter the Cannes related blogposts from a big list of advertising blogs, making the content even more specific.

You can of course help feed the Admen. Just sign up for the platform, configure your Twitter client to use Mobypicture and Shoot ‘n Share!

If you want me to present the possibilities for your campaigns or corporate communications/events, just send me a line and we’ll schedule a quick meeting sur la plage!

posting credits: Jeremy jordan

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