As you might know we are working 24/7 to launch our new Mobypicture website.

Mobypicture lets you instantly share your adventures with your friends. Right now you can take a photo with your mobile and send it directly to your social websites. When we launch the new site you will also be able to share video and audio real time!

Today we support sending to: Twitter, Flickr, WordPress blogs, Tumblr blogs, Blogspots, Hyves and Jaiku.

Today we added some functionality which we think is really nice:

From now on, if you already have a Twitter account, you don’t have to have an account at Moby to start using it ! How does that work?

You just send an email or MMS containing a photo, a title (subject) and optional a text (body) to:
(so for example:

In the background we process the email and semi register your Mobypicture account. And we post the update to Twitter for you. We will also send you a direct message on Twitter with a link and instructions to complete your registration. Completing the registration is optional and you only have to do that if you want to also post your updates directly to other services.

I’m really interested in what you think about this extra feature. We designed it to make it really easy to start using our service. Let me know what you think!

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  5. Is there a way to upload our pics to Google Earth? – Not necessarily like Panoramio (sp?) so that everyone can see them but to our home version of Google Earth? – maybe as a google Earth plug in?


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