.NET library and likes on Moby

email to our beloved developers (sorry if it is too technical :) )


Beloved developers!

Two things we want to inform you about:

As of today MobySharp has been released!

MobysSharp is a .NET class that implements the Mobypictue API. The library makes it easy for every .NET developer to access the Mobypicture API with just a few lines of code. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a desktop application to easily post your images/sound/videos or a web application to retrieve data from Mobypicture.

MobySharp has been developed by Rutger Smit (http://twitter.com/rutgersmit) and is hosted at CodePlex.

Check out the details at http://mobysharp.codeplex.com

In the coming weeks we will launch ‘likes’ on Mobypicture.com. Likes are an easy way for users to express their liking of a Moby, without leaving a comment. Anticipating on that release, we enabled this feature on our API for you to experiment with. Authentication is not mandatory, but likes will be anonymous in that case. Please visit the updated API docs at http://api.mobypicture.com/doc for more information.

As always questions and feedback are more than welcome!
If you miss features and want things done differently, let us know.
We’re working full time on the new version of our platform with an enhanced API (Open Social compatible), so now is the time!

Hack ‘n share,


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