proudly presenting: the new Moby iPhone App

Today we’re releasing the new Moby iPhone app.
(press get overview all features here! Moby iPhone app 2.01 – feature overview and download Moby-iPhone-App-kit)

We’ve been working on it for quite some time.

The new app is packed with nice features but most importantly let’s you share photo, video and audio adventures to your favorite social networks.
For each posting you can decide where it should be posted.


You can find the app page here and a break down of all the features in a nice PDF here.

I’m highlighting some of my favorite things in the app.

First of all. The stream.

The Stream allows you to follow all your friends from within the app. You can easily browse through the latest postings.
If you tap an image you get to the item view. Here you find the view count, to which platforms the posting was sent. (you can also tap on the icons to see the posting on those sites)
If you tap the image you can see the bigger version and zoom in.

your Mobys on the map
When a Moby is geotagged by the uploader, a small map is shown below the posting on the item screen. You can tap the map and this lets you explore other content around that spot.
While uploading photo, video or audio with the app, you can easily choose whether or not to share your location with each individual posting.

personally I really like the Explore tab.
You can easily search for content using full text search. You can look at trending content (50 postings with the most activity) and you can explore postings around you on the map.

In the coming period we’ll do quick iterations and we’ll be adding some nice features, views and notifications. Please promote the app with your friends and give us your feedback so we can use that in our upcoming releases!

download the app here

Next up Blackberry and Android.

3 thoughts on “proudly presenting: the new Moby iPhone App

  1. Very happy with the quick overview of all my dear Mobypostings since 2 Dec 2004 16:55. Great App!

  2. Need to update app so you can do more instead of having to go back to website, and where pics will update on friends cause it not showing their new pics

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