Introducing the next step

We have been working on a complete redesign of Mobypicture for almost a year now. Not only on a better visual design, but on a better UI and better technical backend as well.

A lot of the stuff we put in MobyNow today is part of the same principles we use to rebuild Mobypicture. Because of the success of MobyNow however, the redesign got postponed several times during last year, but we think now is the time to introduce the first part of the new design, our new logo and some of the UI changes.

Our team has experience with redesigns from earlier companies. Some went bad and some went well. The main lesson learned is to smooth the transition and not scare people away with a complete overhaul. Our Christmas Card was the first sneak peak of our new design and for those who remember it, it wasn’t that much different from our current design. It’s important to let people feel at home with the new design, but give them a distinct feeling something has changed at the same time. We think we have achieved that with what we call ‘Project MobyNext‘, from which we would like to introduce the first step today:

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