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A couple of weeks ago we launched MobyNow for the Rabo Cyclists.
From Day 1 it generated a lot of traffic.

MobyNow is really useful and interesting for what we call socially engaged topics.
People use MobyNow to Share, Discover and Interact.

Last week, together with The Next Web conference we launched the second MobyNow platform and we’ll give you some stats:

During the three day conference we aggregated 10.981 tweets and 1.628 Mobypicture postings, which matched the contextual drivers (use of #tnw, by users from predifined lists, geotagged at the conference).

The popular users were:

# Boris – 12.220 views

# Esther – 5.997 views

# Patrick – 5.728 views

# Werner – 4.046 views

# maurits – 2.113 views

25.000+ visitors attracted over 25.000 visitors. This traffic was mostly driven by the social media traffic of the speakers, organization and attendees themselves.
When you visit the Now Platform for the first time, you are asked to signup and in this signup there is a question:

If you don’t opt out, all your Mobys will land on your filtered user page on the Now Platform (click on the Moby Link in the image below). (of course all the stats, comments etc. also show up on your normal Moby page)

The nice thing of landing the traffic on the Now Platform is that there is a lot more context for your followers on these pages. They can find more The Next Web related content makes it to the platform.
We use different type of filters:
  1. tag/keyword based (#tnw / ‘the next web’ etc.)
  2. predefined lists of users (in the TNW case: speakers, organization, editors, press)
  3. geo location (everything at the venue during the conference is probably conference related)

So if you’ve signed up and your posting matches one of more of the above, we lead the traffic to the Now Platform.

Below a small interview with Vincent Evers where I explain the way it works.

YouTube Preview Image

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