Best of 2011

The year once again comes to an end.

And what a year it has been for us.

Moby grew and grew. Our APIs are used in over 1300 different applications. We got users and visitors in over 233 different countries (I thought there were only 192, but not according to Google Analytics).

With the holidays coming up (not for us because we’re working on some really cool MobyNow platforms for FC Ajax and the Top Notch label) it is time for our annual Christmas card!

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Message to Nick Jonas

Dear Nick,

We really like you here at Mobypicture HQ. But your website is very outdated with the not working LaLa and Myspace elements.
That’s why we developed a MobyNow platform for you and your fans.

This means that from now on, all the traffic your Mobypicture postings generate when you post to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will end up on your own website instead of on

To see how this works: Click on the “”-link in your latest tweet!

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Labs: Added Google+ as a posting destination

As an experiment we added Google+ as a posting destination on Mobypicture.
This means that when you post your adventures, using the native Mobypicture apps or any of the over 1200 Moby powered applications (Twittelator, Twitteriffic, Tweetdeck, Twitter for iPhone, Plume for Android, Gravity for Symbian, etc. etc.), your photo, video and audio postings can also be shared in your G+ account!

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A Moby a day…

With all these sharing and picture apps, why should you actually use Moby? A question I get pretty often.

Well there is a lot of reasons, some are obvious, others need a closer look.

Especially for this we’ve made a page in Zendesk explaining our USPs.

Take a look and share this with your friends!

You can share this info directly using the following tiny url – >